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Lastest News

First invitation for roundtable discussion

The round table, which, in addition to the representatives of Polish institutions, shall also include the active participation of the highest representatives of relevant institutions and organisations, as well as expert authorities within the fields of heath and pharmacy from the region, shall be held on 13 February 2018 in Belgrade, at the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia at Mutapova Street no. 25.

9th Symposium of Pharmacists in Sarajevo

The topic of the Symposium is Influence of Food and Supplements to the Results of Drug Therapy

Meeting of the Association of Pharmacists of the South-Eastern Europe in Podgorica

The following conclusions were adopted: Proposal of establishing a network of pharmacies (defining criteria and obtaining approval of the pharmaceutical profession) and Lobbying with important internationals and state organisations with the aim of making progress in pharmacy.

Local News

Prvo obaveštenje za održavanje Okruglog stola u Beogradu

Okrugli sto, na kome će pored predstavnika poljskih institucija aktivni učesnici biti i najviši predstavnici relevantnih institucija i organizacija, kao i stručni autoriteti iz oblasti zdravstva i farmacije iz regiona, biće održan 13. februara 2018. godine u Beogradu, u prostorijama Farmaceutske komore Srbije, Mutapova 25.

Unapređenje sigurnosti i kvaliteta usluga zdravstvenih ustanova u privatnom vlasništvu

Učešće Farmaceutske komore Crne Gore u saradnji sa Društvom za kvalitet i bezbjednost zdravstvene zaštite - prezentacija na radionici

Report about Symposium and Meeting in Sarajevo

The Chamber of Pharmacists of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted the representatives of the Association of Pharmacists of the South-eastern Europe who came from Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo.

Southeast European Pharmaceutical Association

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Building and maintaining effective communication channels in order to strengthen the relationships with members of the association, and at the same time building better relationships with individuals and state organizations and organizations from European Union.


SEPA (Southeast European Pharmaceutical Association) will be recognized as an important organization, which will initiate the progress of the pharmaceutical profession for better public health of people from Southeastern Europe. Unification of all pharmacists from Southeastern Europe into a unique organization will be used to work on preservation and building up the pharmaceutical profession.


Evaluate and care for health and well-being of citizens of Southeastern Europe. Safety and efficiency of the use of medicines and medical devices. Cooperation between health workers and institutions. Professional responsibility. Development and innovatively, opportunities for new educations and training programs. Clearly represent the purpose and goals of association.

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